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Celebrating Success: Mike’s Promotion to Vice President at ANT Rentals

promotion of Mike

A Culture of Appreciation In a recent speech commemorating his promotion to Vice President at ANT Rentals, Mike emphasized the importance of staff appreciation and the collective vision driving the company forward. “I thank our staff members on a weekly, if not daily basis,” Mike remarked, underlining the integral role each team member plays in […]

Boom Lift Safety Tips for a Secure Work Environment

The first concern when using boom lifts should always be safety. Here are 5 essential tips to ensure a safe working environment for all involved: 1. Weight Limit Adherence: Respect the lift’s weight capacity to prevent overloading and potential accidents. Account for the operator, tools, and materials, avoiding exceeding limits to prevent the lift from […]

Calgary, Get Ready! Ant Rentals Sets the Stage for a Grand Opening!

Calgary, brace yourselves for an exciting event that will leave you in awe! Ant Rentals is proud to announce the grand opening of their new facility, marking a significant expansion in Calgary. This momentous occasion signifies not only the growth of Ant Rentals but also the opportunity for businesses and individuals in Western Canada to […]