We are a great place for good work.

We create conditions for your success. Advancement is a key indicator of success so we ensure that there are no barriers for you to work your way up. Our processes are transparent and teams, peers and seniors are encouraged to nominate their co-workers for senior and/or new roles.

We provide you with the best tools to continually learn and grow while also training you to deliver superior service to our customers.

We also have an associate program that recognizes those special individuals who consistently meet or exceed ANT’s Core Values. Our expectations from the people we work with and our customers are entrenched in these core values. These are the values we rely on for day-to-day business decisions as much as the difficult ones.

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At ANT, we take our core values very seriously. They’re kind of like the constitution for our company, and the principles that guide many of the decisions we make.

Do the right thing

Ethical through and through.

Being ethical in every relationship we have is the foundation of our culture. We honour our agreements and we have a reputation for keeping our promises. We don’t compromise on safety or quality and we are not interested in cutting corners - we do it right or we don’t do it at all. We take pride in being that trustworthy.

Growth & Progress

A culture of continuous
improvement. Better than

Continuous improvement is inherent in every aspect of our business. From accounting and operations, to maintenance and customer service we measure
everything that matters to our ability to deliver impeccable service to our customers, employees and partners.

Impeccable Care

Details matter.

We take great pride in taking impeccable care of our employees, customers, partners and equipment. We pay attention to details that matter in everything we do. Our workspaces and equipment are spotless and ready for what’s next.


You are like family.

We see ourselves as one big family - even though we have different last names. We have a deep respect for diverse cultures and have an open and inclusive environment for those that share our values. Being friendly, showing kindness and smiling is not only a reflection of our beliefs but it’s also the types of people we love to hire.

Fully Accountable

Keeping Promises. Always.

Keeping promises is a character trait that we can all respect and it is what we demand from ourselves in every department and in every interaction. Being accountable means everyone around you can “count on you” to do what you say without making excuses. Our words matter. Our promises matter. It defines us.

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