Don’t let down machines slow down your jobsite!

ANT Rentals’ brand new equipment is a game-changer for your job site and projects, offering a transformative solution that eliminates the common headaches associated with old and poorly maintained machinery.

With our fleet of cutting-edge construction equipment, you can bid farewell to the frustrations of breakdowns, delays, and subpar performance. ANT Rentals’ commitment to top-tier maintenance ensures that every piece of equipment operates at peak efficiency, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

ANT’s brand new, state-of-the-art equipment will eliminate common headaches felt by using old, poorly maintained equipment:

Advantages of Our New Equipment

Easy Maintenance

Brushless motor, no need for motor maintenance


Improved smooth and easy to use operation system

All Weather Cap

Keeps your operation system clean and dry when not in use

Easy Read Monitor

User-friendly interface provide operators with clear and accessible information


Safety Features

Sky bar stand provides an extra secure system when aerial lift is elevated



Long arm provide increased digging depth, for efficient excavation of deep foundations, trenches, etc

The Best Engines For All Our Machines

ANT Rentals exclusively employs the latest engines in our equipment, ensuring you always get optimal performance and efficiency – and zero downtime.

Own the XCMG

Discover the advantage buying quality XCMG Equipment can have for your company.

ANT is pround to be a strategic sales partner with XCMG. If you’re looking for the smartest, toughest, most refined and well-engineered equipment being built today let’s talk.

Learn more about XCMG
  • Longer Warranty Guarantee than other rental houses.
  • Brand new equipment on site.
  • Faster delivery time on equipment not on site.
  • Ease of Maintenance.

What are our customers saying?

Excellent Company just getting started. Some great industry leaders running this business in Burnaby. Brand new equipment from Genie, JLG, Cat. XCMG. Large selection of aerial gear, compaction. and dirt moving gear.

Samantha Swansy

Great service and most importantly new machines unlike the other companies these work properly!

Travis PrintPrint

Mike and the team at Ant rentals are a pleasure to deal with. Excellent service every time, and the equipment never fails us on our jobs. Thanks Mike

Ken Fisher

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